Professional Sod Delivery and installation

Get Your Sod Delivery Fresh From the Local Sod Farms to You

  Although we no longer deliver sod for do it yourself projects, we hope that you will call a local Norhteast Florida supplier for your lawn sod needs. We only use locally grown sod from the highest quality sod farms available on our installation jobs! When you buy your lawn grass sod for the Jacksonville and St. Augustine area, not only are you supporting the local North Florida sod farmers but your getting your grass sod FRESH!

Grass Sod Lawn Jacksonville BeachWhat to do to prepare for your new lawn's grass sod delivery Jacksonville Fl and St. Augustine area

1- Measure out the area carefully where you want to replace your existing damaged lawn grass with fresh new sod.

2- Select the Type of grass sod that will suit your area as well as your maintenance needs and abilities.

There are allot of choices available for sod in the North Florida landscape. Knowing what sod works for you is more than half the battle on the way to meeting your lawn goals.

 Check out this link of Things to Consider  before even looking at grass sod choices.

Sod Choices include all of these varieties as well as variations in those sod types. Remember the right plant in the right place makes all the difference, and it starts with the lawn! When your ready to choose what variety of grass sod you want delivered check out thid list of sod for the Jacksonville, St. Augustine and North Florida areas.


3 - Have the area prepared to put down your fresh newly delivered sod as soon as possible by removing the existing vegetation and preparing all edges to meet nicely with surrounding hardscape and existing lawn areas.

Remember to check the existing sprinkler system for adjustments and necessary replacements at this stage. Your new sod will need water immediately after being laid and your sprinklers need to be in good shape to ensure successfully establishing a great new root system.

4 - Call a local grass sod supplier to schedule your fresh new lawns grass sod delivery when you have the ability to get it laid within 24 hours of delivery time.

Try Randy with Roundtree Sod at 904-741-4763

-Remember the quicker your new sod is laid out and watered the easier it will be on you to keep it hydrated and get it established into a fantastic new lawn.

A few things to remember when laying your new grass sod that will make your life easier in the weeks to come.

Congratulations you are finally finished

and your new grass sod looks fantastic. Now...


  Watering your new lawn is not as easy as watering an established lawn with a full root system that has been growing for years. Remember that new sod will develop a root system in just a few weeks whereas a seeded lawn would take a few seasons to develop that same root system. So water well and don't let your new sod or the ground underneath it dry out.





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